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Young Light

Specialising in Production Efficiency Improvement tools for 20 years.

Young Light Technologies is an established software & services company specialising in production and injection efficiency improvement. With 20 years experience in supplying and supporting a variety of applications, our user community now stretches right around the world. In winning the contract to lead the development of BP’s Production Efficiency Improvement Toolset, Young Light has shown it can compete with and beat the most renown IT companies in the world (Oracle, Delloite, SAIC).

Our Loss Management tools now support over 300 assets around the world.

Best Practice Articles

Choke Model Basics

If you are looking to start from scratch or find out how your processes compare to Best-In-Class and what you could better, then start at the beginning…

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Ownership, engagement and traction are fundamental to your people processes delivering value. In this article we look at how to embed ownership of data in order to improve data quality and ownership of the sources and causes of production loss/deferral, in order to improve the delivery of solutions.

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The introduction of new initiatives and processes into the workplace are often received with a degree of scepticism: more work for an already busy workforce. Embedding the right kind of ownership at asset management level and above can transform engagement and success.

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Hidden Gold Within the Detail

A small change to the detail recorded by one of the North Sea’s biggest players exposed a major opportunity. Others are now following suit as they recognised that this would work for them and indeed, any operator.

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Breaking Down Barriers Has Substantial Proven Benefits

For many years, different disciplines have worked “in silos”. At long last, operators are realising that getting their people to work better together, yields real and substantial benefits.

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What Might Be Compromising Your Loss Management Effort

Loss Management is about improving Production & Injection Efficiency, which will increase bottom line profit. There are often a number of forces at work, conspiring against this goal. Removing them will help you improve efficiency.

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